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Corporate Communications Officer

The incumbent is required to contribute to the achievement of the communications targets of the Ministry/Department and assist in monitoring their implementation. Duties include coordinating media relations strategies, producing and disseminating materials for communicating information about the Ministry/Department and its services; coordinating the content of the intranet or external website and the production of a quarterly newsletter; disseminating reports and publications; and maintain an updated database of contacts and an effective communication system within the Ministry/Department. Depending on work assignment, the incumbent
will be required to perform duties in one or more of the Communications functional areas.

Reports to: 
Senior Corporate Communications Officer/designated officer
Supervision given to: 
Duties and Responsibilities: 

Strategy and Measurement
- Assists in tracking developments in the Ministry/Department’s sector nationally and globally.
- Participates in the design, organisation and implementation of a creative and effective Marketing/Communications Strategy including content management for the Ministry/Department’s website ensuring that it is adequately integrated into the Ministry/Department’s Operations.
- Participates in the preparation and execution of programmes geared towards educating and informing the Public.
- Conducts research and utilizes other data in the analysis and evaluation of information for the preparation of policy documents, briefs, working papers and presentations.
- Assists with relevant research including but not limited to the conduct of interviews to determine the success and outreach of Information Programmes and initiates corrective action as appropriate.
- Assists in identifying stakeholders needs and proposes relevant engagement strategies.
- Liaises with Media Services to monitor print and electronic media to keep the Ministry/Department informed of developments within the Communications environment.
- Interprets HR policies and procedures to assist clients with queries and concerns.
- Prepares communications reports, Cabinet/Ministerial Notes, internal notes and other documents.

Product and Events
- Develops and implements marketing, media placement and distribution strategies for the Ministry/Department.
- Assists in the production of literature formats such as booklets, posters, brochures for public outreach and sensitisation.
- Assists in the development of information and activities such as health and wellness, safety awareness and other cultural and workplace enhancing projects.
- Performs day-to-day management of the intranet site through the use of a Content Management System, including design, content and technical functions, to ensure that it is useful for staff and that content is up-to-date, accurate and consistent with the Brand Identity Guide.
- Develops and manages internal communication activities which involve, engage and inform all employees, utilising appropriate communication tools.
- Prepares, develops, writes and edits content for the intranet, staff newsletter, team briefings,
noticeboards and other internal communications channels as well as for project briefs.
- Maintains and regularly updates a detailed calendar of events or Forward Diary for the Ministry/Department.

Media and Advertising
- Develops a Media Strategy for each announcement, launch or significant media event.
- Organises and manages press, radio and television interviews.
- Writes a variety of communications (e.g. press releases, personal interest stories, newsletters, etc.) for the purpose of keeping the media and public informed of the activities of the Ministry/Department.
- Coordinates the completion, printing, and distribution of corporate collateral to selected media
- Drafts appropriate responses to adverse publicity.
- Undertakes research on current web and internet technology and trends in marketing and
communications for the purpose of keeping current.
- Monitors national, regional and international news to identify evolving trends and opinions which may impact the work of the Ministry/Department. .
- Monitors media scanning databases and redirects any issues to the relevant authorities.
- Provides media summaries and alerts on breaking news.

Stakeholder Engagement
- Performs protocol duties for the Ministry/Department in accordance with established standards to ensure
appropriate etiquette is used in interactions with individuals such as dignitaries and officials.
- Assists in identifying stakeholders' needs and proposes relevant engagement strategies.
- Develops, manages and controls procedures for all internal and external correspondence.
- Researches and assembles information for members of the public.
- Responds to complaints and organisation issues from members of the public.
- Distributes relevant educational material on the activities of the Ministry/Department.
- Creates and updates a database/directory of stakeholders’ contact information, profiles and services.
- Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Experience and Training: 

- Minimum two (2) years’ experience in Corporate Communications or Public Relations , including web design and development , preferably in the Public Sector .
-Training as evidenced by a recognised University Degree in Communications Studies or a related discipline.

Skills and Abilities: 

- Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite, HTML, wiki-mark-up, and Adobe Photoshop CSS.
- Skill in the use of personal computers.
- Ability to use e-Government technology platforms.
- Ability to use the internet for research purposes
- Ability to plan and organize, and supervise the work of support staff.
- Ability to communicate at a high-level, both orally and in writing.
- Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, members of the media and the public.
- Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite


- Knowledge of current theories and practices in communications research,
planning and strategy, and the role of mass media.
- Knowledge of media issues, social marketing theory and practice,
communications strategies and implementation and behavioural sciences.
- Knowledge of marketing, public relations, advertising, promotion and other
communications methods.
- Knowledge of modern techniques of news gathering and release.
- Knowledge of Video Production.
- Some knowledge of the Constitution of The Republic of Trinidad and
- Some knowledge of the organisational structure of the Government of
Trinidad and Tobago;
- Knowledge of modern techniques of news gathering/event management.- Knowledge of protocol procedures