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Communication Specialist

The incumbent is responsible for working closely with the Executive Manager PMO, the eHCM Implementation Lead and and HR stakeholders to develop communication strategies that align with the programme’s goals and objectives. This will involve determining key messages, target audiences, communication channels, branding and timelines.

Working relationships


  1. All Project Units
  2. Relevant MPA Staff



  1. MPA Stakeholders
  2. Subject Matter Experts

Physical Requirements and Work Environment

High demand, change focused, project based work environment.

Duties and Responsibilities: 
  1. Develops comprehensive communication strategies that align with the goals and objectives of the eHCM migration project
  1. Works closely with Project Managers and project stakeholders to understand project milestones, updates and key messages to be communicated
  1. Establishes timelines for communication activities, coordinates project timelines to ensure timely and relevant messaging
  1. Creates and edits content for various communication channels
  1. Leverages digital communication tools and platforms to effectively convey project updates, key messages and relevant information
  1. Conducts outreach to stakeholders to keep them informed and engaged
  1. Establishes mechanisms for gathering feedback from stakeholders regarding communication effectiveness
  1. Develops communication plans that support employees in adapting to the changes brought about by the eHCM migration
  1. Develops plans for crisis communication, including protocols for addressing unexpected challenges or issues during the eHCM migration

10.Performs other related duties as required

11. Assess the current brand equity and make recommendations are required

Minimum Experience and Training: 

1. Eight to Ten (8-10) years’ experience managing in a high quality project driven environment.

2. Four to Five (4-5) years’ operating at a supervisory level.

3. Demonstrated experience with internal communication and social media management.

4. Change management experience would be asset.

Skills and Abilities: 

Technical Competencies

  • Strategic Communication Planning
  • Content Creation, Editing and Social Media Management
  • Change Management Expertise
  • Media Relations, Outreach and Stakeholder Management
  • Digital Communication and Presentation Skills

Behavioural Competencies

  • Leadership and supervisory skills
  • Organizing and executing skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility skills
  • Communication, interpersonal relations, and stakeholder relations skills
  • Collaboration and relationship skills
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change management



1. Master Degree in Communication Studies, Marketing Studies, Media Studies, Business Management or Social Science, from a recognised accredited University.

2. Specialized certification in communication studies would be an asset.

3. Post graduate qualifications would be an asset.