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Research Officer

The incumbent is responsible for carrying out research, the findings of which can guide the formulation, implementation and evaluation of policies and procedures regarding eHCM in Government.


Portfolio Management Office

Working relationships


1. Project Implementation Team

2. Enabling Environment Unit 

3. All project units


1. MPA stakeholders

2. Subject Matter Experts

Physical Requirements and Work Environment

May entail off site obligations.

Required degree level: 
Bachelor’s Degree
Reports to: 
Business Process Re-engineering Lead
Supervision given to: 
Duties and Responsibilities: 

Plans and conducts research on eHCM in Government, utilizing various methodologies and techniques to gather relevant data and information.

Reviews existing literature and synthesizes information from various sources.

Collects, organizes and analyses data related to eHCM in Government, ensuring accuracy and reliability of findings.

Ensures the timely completion of research activities.

Prepares comprehensive reports summarizing research findings, analysis and policy recommendations.

 Communicates research findings and policy recommendations to stakeholders, including government officials, policymakers and other relevant parties.

Responds to changing research needs or priorities, adjusting methodologies and approaches as necessary.

Performs other related duties as required. 

Minimum Experience and Training: 

1. Seven (7) years’ experience working in a high quality project driven environment.

2. Three (3) years’ experience using statistical and analytics tools for  research purposes.

3. Demonstrated experience undertaking widescale research.

Skills and Abilities: 

Technical Competencies

Extensive Knowledge of Various Research Methodologies and Techniques

Data Collection and Analysis

Literature Review and Synthesis of Information

Report Writing

Behavioural Competencies

Leadership and Team Management Skills

Adaptability and Flexibility

Time Management Skills

Communication, Interpersonal Relations and Stakeholder Relations Skills



Academic Qualifications

1. Bachelor Degree in Economics, Statistics, Public Policy and Management, Business Management or Social Science from a recognised University.

2. Specialized certification in Data Analytics would be asset.

3. Specialized certification in Research Report Writing would be an asset.

4. Post graduate qualifications would be an asset.