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Training Specialist

The incumbent is responsible for developing a training plan that outlines activities, resources, timelines and evaluation methods required for effective training delivery that supports employees in understanding and using the eHCM system.


Portfolio Management Office

Working relationships


1. All Project Units

2. Relevant MPA Staff


1. MPA Stakeholders

2. Subject Matter Experts

Physical Requirements and Work Environment

High demand, change focused, project based work environment.

Required degree level: 
Bachelor’s Degree
Reports to: 
eHCM Implementation Lead
Supervision given to: 
Duties and Responsibilities: 

Analyzes the skills and knowledge gaps within the organization, related to the eHCM system, by conducting a Training Needs Analysis.

Works closely with all responsible for providing guidance, training and support to employees, as needed.

Assesses the urgency and importance of training initiatives and allocate resources accordingly to ensure timely execution.

Creates comprehensive training plans that include activities, resources, timelines and guidelines, necessary for effective training delivery.

Employs appropriate training techniques including user guides, video tutorials and other resource, to ensure effective learning and understanding of the eHCM system among employees.

Coordinates logistics and executes training sessions, in a manner that maximizes employee engagement and understanding.

Establishes methods to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of training programs in improving employees' understanding and utilization of the eHCM system.

Evaluates training effectiveness and produces scheduled reports for decision making. 

Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Experience and Training: 

1. Eight to Ten (8-10) years experience managing in a high quality project driven environment.

2. Four to Five (4-5) years operating at a supervisory level.

3. Demonstrated experience with training needs analysis and training execution and evaluation.

4. Experience with technology-based training would be asset.

Skills and Abilities: 

Technical Competencies

Expertise in Training Needs Assessment

Development of Training Plans, Programmes and Policies

Knowledge of Training Techniques, Training Processes and Procedures

Ability to Prioritize and Execute Training Initiatives

Experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of Training

Behavioural Competencies

Leadership and Supervisory Skills

Organizing and Executing Skills

Adaptability and Flexibility

Communication, Interpersonal Relations and Stakeholder Relations Skills

Collaboration and Relationship Building Skills

Problem-solving and Analytical Skills



Academic Qualifications

1. Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management, Business Management or Social Science, from a recognised University.

2. Specialized certification in Training and Development or Talent Management would be an asset.

3. Post graduate qualifications would be an asset.